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Campus Operating Status

If a student tests positive or comes into direct contact with a person who has tested positive, that student will be required to self-isolate and/or quarantine according to MC's COVID-19 policies.

If permissible by the Mississippi State Department of Health, positive or exposed students should return to their homes to isolate or quarantine. Campus housing charges will not be refundable for students who leave campus to quarantine or isolate themselves at home.

The university may require students identified by the Mississippi State Department of Health or the appropriate agency to contact a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and healthy students sharing spaces with those confirmed or exposed to relocate to a different housing location for an indeterminate amount of time. This location may be on or off-campus. 

MC may close a portion or the entirety of a residence hall if the incident(s) of COVID-19 in the facility is classified as a moderate or substantial spread or deemed necessary by the university or the Mississippi State Department of Health.

MC will provide food, wellness checks, and mental health support for students who must quarantine or isolate on campus.