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  1. The match will consist of a best 3 out of 5 series unless time becomes a factor. Each match will have a 1-hour time limit. If at the end of the time limit, two teams are tied then the first team to gain a two-point advantage will be declared the winner.
  2. The scoring will be based upon the rally scoring system. This means that either team may score a point regardless of the serving team.
  3. Each game within a match will be played to the score of 25. The game will not be over until one team gains a two-point advantage.


  1. Each team will be allowed 6 players on the court at one time with a maximum of 12 players on the roster.
  2. No players will be allowed to be added once the roster is turned in.
  3. Teams must rotate properly after a side out (each member moves one position over in a clockwise manor).


  1. Out of bounds includes the following:
    a. Walls, bleachers, and all objects outside of the court.
    b. The ceiling is out of bounds anytime it hits and lands on the other teams side of the net. The ceiling is in bounds any time the ball hits and remains on the same side of the net.
    c. Outside the vertical net markers.
  2. A ball is considered in bounds if it lands on the line.


  1. Teams will volley for the first serve. During the volley the ball must cross over the net at least one time.
  2. Once the referee gives the signal the server is allowed to serve from anywhere behind the rear boundary line.
  3. Each player must serve in turn; failure to this results in a side out.
  4. A serve may not be blocked at the net.

During Play

  1. A person in the back line may not participate in any block or spike at the net.
  2. Legal hits consist only when the ball contacts a player above the waist, not allowing the ball to come to rest. The use of feet is prohibited.
  3. When returning a serve the first hit may not be a set. A setting motion off the serve is illegal.
  4. A team may not hit the ball more than three times before it crosses over the net.

Net Play

  1. Reaching over the net to hit the ball while it is in the other team's possession is illegal.
  2. The centerline directly under the net is considered an extension of the net and may not be crossed. If crossed it is considered a loss of point.
  3. A net foul occurs any time a player comes in contact with the net.


Free substitution is allowed before each serve.

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