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Campus Programming Board

The Campus Programming Board plans events, programs and activities for the entire undergraduate student body. These events are aimed at a variety of audiences within the student body. The Board programs through a variety of committees, including: Pop-Up Events, Music & Arts Events, Commuter Programming, Special Events, Spring Fever Week, Homecoming, Student Productions, Lighting of the Quad, Cross-Cultural Events and more!

Who leads the Campus Programming Board?

The Campus Programming Board is led by student directors that work in the Office of Student Engagement throughout the fall and spring semester. The directors advise committee chairs who, along with their committees, plan and execute a variety of programming for the campus. Committee membership is on a semester-by-semester basis, meaning you don't have to commit to the entire year or multiple years. You can decide how much you want to be involved!

How can I get involved?

Are you interested in being involved with the Campus Programming Board during the 2021-2022 academic year? Below is the timeline for director, committee chair and committee chair applications for spring 2021:

Board Student Director Appliations are now open! They are due by 4:30 pm on Friday, March 5, 2021. Apply here!

March 8, 2021: Board Committee Chair applications open

March 19, 2021: Board Committee Chair applications due

March 22, 2021: Board Committee member applications open

April 6, 2021: Board Committee member applications due

Check back for further application information!

What are the committees?

A few of the committees are standing student committees that will come under the Campus Programming Board umbrella, while some are brand new. Some of the committees are event specific, while others will plan 2 to 3 events per semester under their specific focus.

Commuter Programming

Students on the Commuter Programming Committee will work together to plan activities geared toward commuter students. 

Cross-Cultural Programming

The Cross-Cultural Program Committee will work on programming which highlights the diversity and many cultures represented on our campus. This committee will work alongside student organizations and departments already represented on campus.

Family Weekend

Students on the Family Weekend Committee will work together to plan and implement programming for Family Weekend, typically held in September each fall semester.


Students on the Homecoming Committee will work together to plan and implement student events during Homecoming Week in October. 

Lighting of the Quad

Students on the Lighting of the Quad Committee will plan and carry out Lighting of the Quad, typically held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving break each fall semester. Lighting of the Quad is MC's biggest Christmas event each holiday season. 

Music & Arts

The Music & Arts Committee will work specifically on events that highlight music and art on campus. This committee will have the opportunity to collaborate with campus departments and organizations specific to music and art.

Pop-Up Events

The Pop-Up Events Committee will create and execute pop-up events throughout each semester that are meant to highlight student's days through giveaways, small celebrations, etc. These events are smaller scale but big impact events.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee will work on larger events that fall outside the description of the other event committees. Examples may include Friendsgiving, Haunted House, events with outside vendors such as Laser Tag, etc. 

Spring Fever Week

The Spring Fever Week will work together to plan an exciting week in April that highlights the excitement of spring on campus. 

Student Productions Committee

The Student Productions Committee will work on producing MC's two largest student productions each year, Follies and Swerve. This includes assisting groups with their individual productions, working with the audio/visual crew, working backstage, and more.

Dance Marathon Committee

The Dance Marathon Committee plans and executes MC's annual Dance Marathon which benefits the Children's Hospital of Mississippi. The Committee works in conjunction with MC's Freshman Leadership Initiative Program. 

More Questions?

Email Jonathan Nutt, Director of Student Engagement at if you have questions.