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Campus Programming Board

The Campus Programming Board plans events, programs and activities for the entire undergraduate student body. These events are aimed at a variety of audiences within the student body. The Board programs through a variety of committees, including: Pop-Up Events, Music & Arts Events, Commuter Programming, Special Events, Spring Fever Week, Homecoming, Student Productions, Lighting of the Quad, Cross-Cultural Events and more!

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Campus Programming Board Calendar

Keep up to date with everything the Board is doing on campus! Remember to follow @mctheboard on Instagram to stay up to date with all the details!

Check out the full Student Experience Calendar here.

Board Student Directors 2021-2022

Carly Fisher

Campus Programming Board Student Director

  • Major: Interpersonal Communications
  • Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Areas of Focus: Commuter Programming, Pop-Up Events and Lighting of the Quad
  • Fun Fact: "I spent two weeks in Japan in the 7th grade."

Jonathan Hestres-Rivera

Campus Programming Board Student Director

  • Major: Political Science
  • Hometown: Pensacola, FL
  • Areas of Focus: Family Weekend, Music & Arts and Cross-Cultural Programming
  • Fun Fact: "I could and do eat ice cream every single day of my life."

Wesley Thomas

Campus Programming Board Student Director

  • Major: Biology Pre-Dental
  • Hometown: Clinton, MS
  • Areas of Focus: Homecoming, Special Events, Student Productions
  • Fun Fact: "I don't like fun facts."