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Campus Programming Board Committee Chairs

The eleven commtitees of the Campus Programming Board will each be led by a committee chair who oversees the events planned and executed by that committee. Information about each committee can be found here

Committee Chair FAQ

What traits are you looking for in committee chairs?

Committee chairs should be hard working, creative and organized. Committee chairs will also have to be good at listening to their committee members, Board student directors and the campus voice as a whole. 

What does the role of Committee Chair look like?

You will have the opportunity to come up with the programming each semester that is specific to your committee. For year-long committees (Commuter, Cross-Cultural,  Music & Arts, Pop-Up Events and Special Events), you will lead your commtitee in coming up with events each semester that are speicific to your commmittee. For semester-long committees (Family Weekend, Homecoming and Lighting of the Quad), you'll plan the specific programming for your event. You will be be in charge of holding committee meetings, managing your event budgets, making purchases for your events with the assistance of the Student Directors, meeting with the Student Directors to update them and delegating planning and event-day roles to your committee members.

You will also meet with the Student Directors and other Committee Chairs to provide updates about your committee as well as contribute to the overall direction of the Board's calendar and programming initiatives. 

What is the time commitment for committee chairs?

That depends.

For semester-long committees (Family Weekend, Homecoming, Lighting of the Quad, and Spring Fever Week) your time commitment will only be one semester. You will serve on the Board lead team along with other committee chairs and the student directors during that semester. The time commitment for these committees will also be specific to those events and the planning that takes place for them.

For the Spring Fever Week Committee, applications will be taken for Spring Fever Week committee chairs and members during the fall semester for the upcoming spring.

For the Student Productions Committee, the time commitment will be based off of rehearsals and productions for Follies in the fall and Swerve in the spring semester.

For all other committees (Commuter, Cross-Cultural, Music & Arts, Pop-Up Events and Special Events) you will serve as Committee Chair for the fall and spring semesters, and serve on the Board lead team for the entire academic year. Most of these committees will plan 2 to 4 events each seemster.

Are Committee Chairs paid?

No. The Committee Chair role is a leadership position in which you'll be able to gain valuable experience in leading a team, planning and executing events and leave a lasting impact on MC's campus. 

Are you ready to apply?

Fill out the following form and apply by Friday, March 19 at 4:30 pm.