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Get Involved With the Board

Are you interested in being involved with the Campus Programming Board during the fall 2022 semester? The Board will have a new structure for the 2022-2023 school year, including Campus Traditions and Campus Programming. Read more info below!

Below is the timeline for committee chair and member applications:

April 7, 2022: Board committee chair and member applications open

April 19, 2022: Board committee chair and member applications close

What are the committees?

Campus Traditions Committees

Campus Traditions committees work to put on the events we see every year at MC. These events are a huge part of student life on campus, and helping to plan them is always a great way to plug in at MC. The Campus Traditions Committees for 2022-2023 will be led by Jameson Cook, Campus Programming Board Director for Campus Traditions.

Fall Traditions Committee

Fall Traditions Committee works together to plan Family Weekend and Lighting of the Quad during the fall semester. Each event may have separate chairs, but the committee will work together on both events.

Important Dates:
Family Weekend 2022- September 16-17, 2022
Lighting of the Quad 2022- November 29, 2022

Spring Traditions Committee

Spring Traditions Committee works together to plan Spring Fever Week and Farewell Week during the spring. Each event may have separate chairs, but the committee will work together on both events. Spring Traditions Committee applications will be taken during the fall semester.

Homecoming Committee

Students on the Homecoming Committee will work together to plan and implement student events during Homecoming Week in October. 

Important Dates:
Homecoming Week 2022- October 24-29, 2022

Athletic Traditions Committee

The Athletic Traditions Committee is brand new to the board. The committee will work on events and programming involving MC athletic games, tailgates, etc. This committee will have the opportunity to collaborate with the MC athletic department as well as student-athletes.

Student Productions Committee

The Student Productions Committee will work on producing MC's two largest student productions each year, Follies and Swerve. This includes assisting groups with their individual productions, working with the audio/visual crew, working backstage, and more.

Important Dates:
Follies (Homecoming) Week- October 24-29, 2022
Follies Student Performance- October 27, 2022
Follies Public Performance- October 28, 2022

Campus Programming Committees

Campus Programming committees work to put on a variety of events throughout the year which incorporate groups from across campus. These events may be feature cultural opportunities, music and art related events and more. Campus Programming events are often new and creative events we haven't seen before. The Campus Programming Committees for 2022-2023 will be led by Anna Pittman, Campus Programming Board Director for Campus Programming.

Pop-Up Events

The Pop-Up Events Committee will create and execute pop-up and small events throughout each semester that are meant to small and quick ways to enjoy campus life. These events could be related to a variety of topics and ideas. These events are done on a smaller scale but have a big impact. Pop-up Events Committee will typically put on 6-7 events throughout the semester.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee will work on larger-scale events. These may include music events, holiday events, and other programming with third-party vendors such as laser tag, etc. The Special Events Committee will typicallly put on 5-6 events throughout the semester.

Dance Marathon Committee

The Dance Marathon Committee plans and executes MC's annual Dance Marathon which benefits the Children's Hospital of Mississippi. The Committee works in conjunction with MC's Freshman Leadership Initiative Program. Applications for Dance Marathon Committee will open in early fall 2022.

Committee Member Expectations

All Campus Programming Board Committee Members are expected to:

  • Attend committee meetings to plan for upcoming events
  • Attend all committee events from clean-up to tear down unless the student has academic class
  • Contribute positively to the committee by offering ideas and being willing to execute every event well
  • Help market and spread the word about Board events

The eleven commtitees of the Campus Programming Board will each be led by a committee chair who oversees the events planned and executed by that committee. Each committee will be made up of anywhere from 8 to 20 members, depending on the committee.

Apply for the Board

Apply for Board positions for fall 2022 by Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 11:59 pm.