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Recruitment Directors 2019

Hannah Eckel

Major: Political Science Pre-Law
Hometown: Drummonds, TN

"The recruitment process may, at times, feel very overwhelming, but it is a great way to meet many new people who may even become your best friends! Recruitment was so helpful to me during my first year at MC, as it not only helped me decide to be a part of a tribe, but it also helped my transition into college. I am so excited to be one of your Recruitment Directors and walk through this process with you!"

Logan Barnard

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Magee, MS

"I’m so glad I get the opportunity to be one of this year’s Recruitment Directors! Recruitment can be a stressful time,  but with the help of the directors and Recruitment  Counselors, we aim to make the process of choosing a club or tribe as easy as possible. Wether you are finding what club or tribe you belong in or just meeting new people, never hesitate to ask the recruitment counselors questions! "