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First Year Experience

The First Year Experience program consists of a variety of initiatives created to assist in the transition of first year students at Mississippi College. These initiatives, including MC 101, Transfer Worships and First Year Events are organized by the FYE team of 20+ student leaders and the FYE student directors. The ultimate goal of the First Year Experience program is to make new students feel connected to the campus culture and community.

MC 101

In a small classroom setting, MC 101 helps new students make a positive transition to Mississippi College by helping them adjust to life as an MC student, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will develop relationships with their classmates, staff instructor, and Peer Advisor in order to foster an inclusive and welcoming community. To make the most of their experience at MC, students will participate in meaningful discussions, personal reflection on their strengths and engaging activities within and outside the classroom to learn more about themselves, their peers, Mississippi College and the community. 

Transfer Workshops

Transfer Workshops are monthly seminars dedicated to meeting the unique needs of students that transfer to Mississippi College after attending another college or university. They aim to assist in the unique experience of transfers orienting them on both the culture and academic side of MC. These workshops are open to all transfer students throughout the year and focus on a variety of topics such as strengths and involvement.

First Year Events

Throughout the semester, the FYE team hosts events dedicated specifically to connecting with newer students on our campus. These events range from educational to recreational and are open to all first year students at MC.