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Student Organization Event Guidelines

  • All events must be submitted for approval at least one week prior to the event (10 days prior when possible).  
  • All events will follow all MC guidelines already in place (prior to COVID) such as no music during class times, no events during church hours, etc.  
  • At this time, only outdoor spaces will be used for student organization events.  
  • Events will be no longer than 2 hours at this time.
  • No more than 40 members/participants at an event at a time. 
  • All students must check in to the event using an online form. All attendees should show their Campus Clear green screen upon arriving at the event.
  • A sponsor or staff member must be present to monitor mask and social distancing guidelines, if they cannot be present, then the event will not happen- no exceptions.  
  • Social distancing should be maintained at the event.  
  • Hand sanitizer should be provided for all participants.  
  • Masks are required at all events- if this guideline is broken, there will be a $25 fine per member seen without a mask on (even in pictures/per picture posted).  
  • If you have food, it has to be to-go & individually packaged!  It is recommended a Zoom option should be available for those who are not comfortable with attending a required, in-person event.

Submit a Request to Hold an Event

All events must end by midnight on weekdays.
Chaperones attending:
Will this event require set up from Mississippi College? As in: tables, chairs, trash cans, etc.
Will this event be catered by Campus Dining?
By coordinating this event and submitting this form, I certify that I am aware of the rules and regulations of Mississippi College, including those specific to COVID-19 listed above, and that I, other officers, and all members of the involved organization(s) assume the responsibility of insuring that those rules are followed.
If you have a t-shirt designed for this event, please email the graphics to Chip Wilson ( for approval.