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Student Intervention Team

In the wake of campus violence within higher education, valuable lessons have been learned regarding campus safety and information sharing.  Significant student information is often siloed within different areas on college campuses and is not connected until a tragic event occurs.  To combat this silo effect, Mississippi College formed the Student Intervention Team to serve as the centralized alliance of administrators for collaboration and the discussion of student behavior and intervention.


As a Christian institution, Mississippi College values the integration of faith and learning throughout the educational process.  Through this commitment to faith and learning within the educational process, the Mississippi College Student Intervention Team (SIT) focuses on maintaining a healthy, educational balance for all students while fostering student success and campus safety.   SIT provides institutional support and response that addresses distressed or disruptive behaviors and intervenes at the earliest point possible. 

The Student Intervention Team is chaired by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Jonathan Ambrose. Additional members of the team consist of a representative from the following areas: