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Blue & Gold 101

Blue & Gold 101 is a First-Semester experience designed to help freshman students make a smooth transition to Mississippi College.  Each fall semester freshman students are assigned to a small group consisting of about 10 other freshmen.  Each group is led by an upperclassman who serves as a Peer Leader for the group.  Additionally, each group has a faculty or staff sponsor. 

B&G101 is designed to educate students on how to survive and thrive at Mississippi College.  Each week's session focuses on a topic pertinent to college life. From discovering your personal strengths using the CliftonStrengths for Students test, to coping with conflict, to creating goals for life after college, you will meet with your small group and fellow leaders once a week to walk through these topics together. Plus, it's a great way to meet people on campus who are new and experiencing the same kinds of things.

Student success is often dependent on how quickly and firmly a student finds a place to connect and belong.  Blue & Gold 101 is one of the first and best steps for success at MC.

Blue & Gold 201

Blue & Gold 201 is a First-Semester Transfer student experience designed to help new transfer students make a smooth transition to Mississippi College. Each fall and spring semester, new transfer students will have the opportunity to participate in a small group that is lead by an experienced peer transfer Guide. 

B&G201 small groups serve as a place for new students to interface with life at MC.   It's a place to ask questions, explore how things work, and meet new friends.