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Student Success

Skill Building Workshops

Join us for workshops in different topics to help build skills that will aid in your success.

Skill Building Workshops 

Please let us know on the registration form if the workshop is full and you are still interested.  We will do our best to either schedule another workshop or help you make an appointment with our Student Success Coach to work on that skill. 


Preparing for a Successful Semester

Coach T

Student Success

January 31st @ 1:15PM

Jennings Annex Room 102

Building Your Reading Comprehension/Main Idea

Dr. Daniel White

English and Philosophy

February 2nd @ 1:15PM Jennings Annex Room 102
Mental Health Strategies

Kyndel Linsey, LMSW


February 8th @ 12PM Jennings Annex Room 103
Study Strategies

Dr. Stephanie Henderson


Fedbruary 9th @ 1:15PM Jennings Annex Room 102
Bouncing Back After Challenges

Anthony Causley-Jackson

MC Alumnus

MC Law

March 23rd @ 1:15 PM Jennings Annex Room 102
Making Great Financial Decisions

Angela Riggs

Business Office

April 5th @ 1:15PM Jennings Annex Room 103
The LOOMING Exam: Push Past Procrastination to Action Dr. Michael Wright April 6th @ 1:15PM Jennings Annex Room 102
Stress Management/Test Anxiety Dr. Hope Tipton April 12 @ 1:15PM Jennings Annex Room 103