In the case of serious injury or sudden illness anywhere on the main campus, the immediate concern is to aid the injured or sick person. The following guidelines are just that: Guidelines. Obviously, in times of emergency, good judgment is essential.

  • In the event of an obvious need for off-campus Emergency Medical Personnel, call 911 first (campus phones dial 9-911).
  • Call the Office of Campus Safety, 601-925-3204 or 601-925-3911.  Explain the situation to the responding officer.
  • After the injurer’s immediate needs are met, notify at least one of the following:

Mr. Steve McCraney -Director, Office of Public Safety  601-925-3834

Dr. Jim Turcotte-Vice President for Enrollment  Services  and Dean of Students 601-925-3315 

Mrs. Sharia Brock- Director of Residence Life 601-925-7714

Mr.  Jonathan Nutt-Director of Student Development 601-925-3248