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U Research

Enhance your learning experience by participating in a program that will expand your learning possibilities

U Research is MC's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), implemented in 2012. Our QEP is a campus-wide initiative that has the potential to make a meaningful and lasting effect on our students’ success, both academically and in all walks of life.  While the QEP is a requirement for reaffirmation of SACS accreditation, it is also a reflection of our commitment to improving student learning.

The focus of U Research is the development of information literacy competencies in undergraduate students. Information literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, and use information ethically to solve research and real-world questions or problems.  It encompasses critical thinking skills that are vital to success in the workplace and in lifelong learning. U Research can empower MC graduates with the skills necessary to compete in a knowledge-based workplace.

U Research strategies were implemented in all academic departments during the five-year implementation plan. The assessment of information literacy is to be continued in each academic unit as part of the annual institutional program. U Research has been more than just a program to satisfy accreditation requirements. In addition to contributing toward student academic improvement, it has been an opportunity to improve MC’s core mission of teaching students to become lifelong learners. U Research is not just another program.  It is a chance to be better at what we do!

For further information, see the https://mc.libguides.com/UResearchFacultyToolkit. For information on the history of the 2012 QEP development, visit the archival QEP web page.