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Mississippi College Salutes ROTC Students

May 21, 2009

Americans relish their Memorial Day weekend festivities - from fabulous backyard barbecues to spectacular fireworks displays. But it's really a reflective time to salute the nation's military men and women.

Whether they're involved in noisy drills on the Clinton campus or quietly learning in Farr Hall classrooms, Mississippi College students in Army ROTC are part of a future generation of America's military leadership. MC has hosted the Army ROTC program the past two years.

The program is spearheaded by SFC/MP Donald Young, who is serving as its coordinator and instructor. MC students enrolled in ROTC classes learn to think on their feet, take charge, make smart decisions and learn about career opportunities of an Army officer.

ROTC is also a good way for students to receive scholarships to help pay for their studies at the Christian university. Scholarships are based on merit and grades. MC lists two contracted ROTC cadets at the Clinton campus and three others enrolled at the MC School of Law. MC's contracted students get their tuition and books paid for. They also receive a stipend that ranges from $250 to $500 monthly.

With campus costs rising nationwide each year, a growing number of students are considering ROTC as a viable option so they can earn college degrees.

Mississippi College also enrolls 13 non-contracted cadets who take the class as an elective, receive college credit and get a grade. "It is a great class for students just starting college," Young said. "The class focuses on time management, team building, Army values and ethics,'' he said.

MC's Army ROTC partners with Jackson State University in the capital city. "We work closely with JSU to uphold the battalion standards for excellence in both tactical skills necessary and ethical skills needed to succeed," Young said.

MC Army ROTC leaders are making an impact in other ways on the Clinton campus.

In August, MC ROTC leaders will join Choctaws coaches to take the MC football team to Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg to let them go through the Leaders Reactionary Course. The course promotes leadership, team building and physical fitness. Details are still being worked out.

For ROTC students at Mississippi College, it's not all hard work with no time for fun stuff. The cadets are expected to ride on a helicopter and there's a camping trip planned for this fall. They will also take part in a field training exercise this fall to focus on map reading and land navigation.

For more information, contact Donald Young at Farr Hall at 601-925-3856 or young14@mc.edu

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