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Clarion-Ledger Editorial Board Visits Mississippi College

February 11, 2008

Mississippi College's "Growing the Vision" campaign, the success of MC athletic teams and the school's new academic programs were all part of the discussions today as President Lee Royce and other MC leaders welcomed The Clarion-Ledger editorial board to the Clinton campus.

The Clarion-Ledger's editorial board was marking one of its first "on-the-road" trips around the state at the 182-year-old Christian university. Meeting at the Gore Galleries, the CL group was led by Clarion-Ledger Editor Ronnie Agnew, editorial director David Hampton, Perspective Editor Sid Salter and award-winning cartoonist Marshall Ramsey.

"MC is an important part of the Jackson community," Hampton said to kick off the meeting lasting a little more than an hour.

Royce began the question and answer session by commenting on MC's switch from Division II athletics to Division III athletics a few years ago. Other questions revolved around MC's involvement to promote the historic downtown Clinton district of shops and other businesses known as Olde Towne.

The MC president spoke of MC's affordability, despite annual costs of $18,600, noting the availability of a number of scholarships to lower costs for parents.

Most ending up paying $10,000 - and that makes MC about $3,000 to $4,000 more than a public Mississippi university per-year, he said.

Not far from MC's stellar art collection, Agnew thanked MC leaders for rolling out the red carpet to CL's editorial board.

In his remarks, Royce detailed the $65 million "Growing the Vision" campaign to boost academic programs, scholarships and building projects, including the Gore Galleries. That campaign has raised $52 million. Royce told the CL board he expects school leaders will step up the goal by next fall.

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