Mississippi College - A Christian University

Office of Institutional Research

Annual Report
Outline for University-Wide Data
June 1, 2003 - May 31, 2004

I. Institutional Profile

Brief History
Current Administration
Organizational Structure
Peer Institutions
Accrediting Agencies
Campus Size and Location
Office of Public Safety
Selected Key Performance Indicators
Bachelors Degrees Conferred by Major
Masters Degrees Conferred by Major
Education Specialists Degrees Conferred by Major
First Professional Degrees Conferred
First-Time Freshmen
Non-Traditional Freshmen
Undergraduate Transfers
Readmitted Students
Non-Degree Seeking Students
ACT Scores
Graduate Students
County and State Representation
Age Distribution of Students
Total Campus Enrollment
Enrollment by Gender and Ethnicity
Degree Seeking Enrollment
Enrolment by College/Schools
FTE Enrollment by Classification
Summary of Student Credit Hours by College/Schools
Student Credit Hours Institutional Totals Courses Taken by Students in Another Level
Enrollment in Non-credit Programs
Enrollment in Credit Programs
Total Number of Certificates Issued
Number of Mississippi Baptist Convention Events Assisted
Number of Students Receiving Institutional Aid
Amount of Scholarship Investment
Loan Default Rates
Student Government Association
Campus Award Winners
Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges
Class Officers


Undergraduate Retention
Graduate Retention
Law School Retention
Athletic Participation by Sport and Gender Demographics of Intercollegiate Athletes
Personnel by Classification: Faculty, Administration, Staff and Student
Growth of Salary and Fringe Benefits
Wages and Benefits Comparison

XII. Faculty – 5-Year Trend

Full-time Instructional Faculty
Full-time Faculty by Rank and Gender
Average Years of Service of Full-time Faculty
Average Age of Full-time Faculty
Tenure of Full-time Faculty
Full-time Faculty by Department
Graduate Assistants by Departments/Units
Top 25 MS Baptist Churches Represented by Current MC Students
MS Churches Visited by Mississippi College Students and Personnel
Number of Mississippi Baptist Convention Events Assisted
Summer Missionaries
Community Service Center
Gift Activity, 1999-2004
Sources of Outright Gifts, 1999-2004
Purposes of Outright Gifts, 1999-2004
Alumni Awards
Mississippi Baptist Convention Board Gifts – 5-Year Trend
Student Tuition and Fees – 10-Year Trend
Housing and Meal Plan Costs Per Year – 5-Year Trend
Facilities Highlights
Inventory of Major Buildings Fall 2003
Classification of Students in University Housing – 5-Year Trend
Speed Library Facts – 5-Year Trend
Learning Resources Center Facts – 5-Year Trend
Law Library Facts – 5-Year Trend
Computer Resources