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What is computer science, anyway? Generally, it is the study of computation and information processing, both in hardware and in software. It includes many topics and knowledge areas ranging from the abstract analysis of algorithms and formal grammars, to more concrete subjects such as programming languages, software and computer hardware. Although there is some degree of overlap with mathematics, programming, software engineering and computer engineering, it is a scientific discipline all its own. This computer science school in Mississippi blends theoretical and practical instruction (including hands-on laboratory components) to give graduates the knowledge and flexibility they’ll need to pursue computer-related careers.

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The Master of Science in Computer Science program is a 30-hour graduate-level program comprised of computer science courses including Advanced Data Structures, Programming Language Structures, Software Engineering, Computer Networking, Relational Database and Graph Theory. To graduate from this program, the student will work with an advisor to complete a thesis complementary to his or her coursework.

The Master of Education in Computer Science requires 12 semester hours of graduate level education courses, 18 hours of graduate level computer science core courses, and the completion of an oral examination before graduation. Upon graduation, students should be prepared with the leadership skills necessary to pass their own computer science knowledge on to others in a classroom setting.

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If you’re a working adult with many responsibilities, Mississippi College can help make education more accessible for you. We understand that children, jobs, school activities and more can become overwhelming. Our options for earning a computer science degree in Mississippi give students the ability to take courses when it is most convenient for them.

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