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The following are minimum laptop recommendations as of Fall 2018 for Computer Science and Computing and Information Systems students.  

Component Specification
Processor: Intel core i5 or equivalent (2.5 GHz or faster), i7 or equivalent is recommended for upper-level courses
Memory: 16 GB minimum 
Hard Drive: 1 TB minimum
Graphics: Discrete graphics processor (NVidia or Radeon)
Ethernet: Wireless 802.11(ac or n)
Monitor: 13-15" display and an external connection (HDMI or DisplayPort/Thunderbolt, with adapters for HDMI) for displaying on projectors and external monitors
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10 or MacOS High Sierra*.  Some students in upper-level courses do use Lunix as a primary OS or in a multi-boot OS environment

*Use of MacOS may require Bootcamp to run some software that requires MS Windows.

There are optional peripherals that will be of use to you such as a USB thumb drive, optical R/W (DVD) drive, external hard drive (for backups, etc.), an extra power adapter, a printer and a large external monitor.

When selecting a laptop, we believe you should also consider weight, battery life, and keyboard comfort as factors in making your decision.

If possible, at least a three-year warranty, purchased from the manufacturer, is recommended.

Chromebooks and tablets (e.g., IPads, or Android tablets are NOT a viable option for your primary device!