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School of Business

Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of business disciplines, the School of Business has a track record of producing graduates who rise to the top of their organizations and their communities and can boast of many alumni who start and lead successful businesses of their own.

School of Christian Studies & the Arts

The School of Christian Studies and the Arts offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed to prepare students to use their skills in the pursuit of meaningful careers in the fine arts, communications, and in service to God.


School of Education

Nationally accredited since the middle of the last century, the School of Education has long been recognized for the quality of the graduates and the contributions they have made in Mississippi, the South, and throughout the United States. It also offers the nation's only Doctor of Professional Counseling degree.


School of Humanities & Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences encourages students to appreciate the richness of human experience with the goal of fostering an understanding of human behavior, values, and achievements that will serve students throughout their lives.


School of Law

MC Law’s rigorous academic program combines a strong foundation in the law with opportunities to explore areas of personal interest and engage in hands-on legal work.

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing offers undergraduate and graduate study opportunities, and have developed clinical agency partnerships for over 50-years. Most nursing graduates confirm employment plans prior to graduation. Nursing is demanding, but enables graduates to live out their faith through Christian caring.

School of Science & Mathematics

The School of Science and Mathematics offers students the opportunity to learn and apply the scientific approach to the acquisition of knowledge and to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.