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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers students the opportunity to obtain college credit by examination. Each college or university is individual and independent in setting CLEP policy. The student should check with the college or university where he/she is enrolled to learn about its CLEP requirements. If the score on the examination is acceptable to the institution where the student is enrolled, the student may receive credit. No quality points are awarded, only credit hours.

Taking CLEP at MC

Testing Center Information

Test Center Name: Mississippi College
Testing Site: Self-108 (Academic Computing Lab)
Test Center Code No.: 1477


  1. A student may receive credit at Mississippi College for any of the following courses on which he/she achieves a satisfactory score, subject to the limitations listed below and if approved on the Credit by Examination form. Acceptable scores are subject to change when mean scores are updated by the College Board. Review current scores here.
  2. No student may receive credit toward graduation for more than 30 semester hours of work through CLEP, or through a combination of CLEP and other non-resident work.
  3. CLEP credit in History will be limited to a total of six (6) semester hours chosen from the courses listed. To meet the six (6) hours of history CORE requirement, both courses must be from the same series, i.e. American History or World Civilization.
  4. CLEP credit in English will be limited to a total of six (6) semester hours. A student may take only one literature course.
  5. No student may receive degree credit by examination at a lower course level in a subject from which he/she has earned credit at an advanced level.
  6. Mississippi College does not give credit for General Examinations nor does the College administer General Examinations.
  7. You must wait six months before repeating an examination without exceptions.
  8. Exams must be taken within 30 days of Registrar Office approval.