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The following is intended as a brief overview of the University Core Curriculum.  For full details regarding required classes, please see current Academic Catalogs.

Course Required Hours Course Number
English 12  
     English Composition   ENG 101 and 102 or 103
     Any two:    
          World Masterpieces   ENG 211
          British Literature   ENG 212
          American Literature   ENG 213
History 6  
     Any pair:    
          History of the United States   HIS 211-212
          World Civilization   HIS 103-104
Bible 6  
     Old Testament   BIB 110
     New Testament   BIB 120
Social Sciences 6  
     Any two:     
          Business Skills for Life   GBU 151
          Principles of Macroeconomics   ECO 231
          American National Government   PLS 201
          Intro to Psychology   PSY 201
          Sociology: An Intro to Global
  SOC 205
          Cross-Cultural Understanding   MLG 205
          Any PHI Course    
Fine Arts 3  
     One of the following:     
         Art Appreciation   ART 125
         Music Appreciation   MUS 125
         Introduction to Theatre   THE 125
Science 7  
   One 4-hour laboratory course:    
          Human Biology with Lab   BIO 103/104
          Plants and People with Lab   BIO 105/106
          Biology I   BIO 111
          General Inorganic Chemistry I   CHE 141
          Chemistry in American Life   CHE 112
          General Physics   PHY 151
          Fundamentals of Physics   PHY 251
     Choose one 3 or 4 hour BIO,
     CHE, or PHY
Mathematics 3  
     Contemporary Mathematics   MAT 105
Physical Education Activity 3  
    Fitness for Life   KIN 123
    Nutrition for Well-Being   KIN 124
Modern Languages 12  
     B.A. Candidates and all English majors    
Technology Requirement 3  
     Contact department for specific
  CSC 114 or CSC 115
Writing Proficiency -  
     Writing Proficiency Exam   ENG 099
Chapel As specified upon entry  
     Freshmen   4 semesters
     Sophomore   3 semesters
     Junior   2 semesters
     Senior   1 semester