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The following is intended as a brief overview of the University Core Curriculum.  For full details regarding required classes, please see current Academic Catalogs.

Course Required Hours Course Number
English 9  
     English Composition   ENG 101 and 102 or 103
     Any one:    
          World Masterpieces   ENG 211
          British Literature   ENG 212
          American Literature   ENG 213
History 6  
     Any pair:    
          History of the United States   HIS 211-212
          World Civilization   HIS 103-104
Bible 6  
     Old Testament   BIB 110
     New Testament   BIB 120
Social Sciences 3  
     Any one:     
          Business Skills for Life   GBU 151
          Principles of Macroeconomics   ECO 231
          American National Government   PLS 201
          Intro to Psychology   PSY 201
          Sociology: An Intro to Global
  SOC 205
          Cross-Cultural Understanding   MLG 205
          Any PHI Course    
Fine Arts 3  
     One of the following:     
         Art Appreciation   ART 125
         Music Appreciation   MUS 125
         Introduction to Theatre   THE 125
Science 4  
   One 4-hour laboratory course:    
          Human Biology with Lab   BIO 103/104
          Plants and People with Lab   BIO 105/106
          Biology I   BIO 111
          General Inorganic Chemistry I   CHE 141
          Chemistry in American Life   CHE 112
          General Physics   PHY 151
          Fundamentals of Physics   PHY 251
Mathematics 3  
     Contemporary Mathematics   MAT 105
Physical Education Activity 2  

    Fitness for Life OR two (1-hour) PED activity courses

  KIN 123
Modern Languages 12  
     B.A. Candidates and all English majors    
Technology Requirement 3  
     Contact department for specific
  CSC 114 or CSC 115
Writing Proficiency -  
     Writing Proficiency Exam   ENG 099
Chapel As specified upon entry  
     Freshmen   4 semesters
     Sophomore   3 semesters
     Junior   2 semesters
     Senior   1 semester