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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services aims to ensure that MC's programs are accessible to all qualified students.

MC is Dedicated To Assisting You

The mission of the Office of Student Accessibility Services is to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, personal responsibility, and growth in students with disabilities. The University strives to create an environment of equal access for students with disabilities. MC is committed to meeting the needs of the campus community. This commitment is demonstrated by the University’s dedication to providing qualified students access and opportunity to academic courses, programs, and activities.

Disability Services

Mississippi College has a tradition of providing assistance to students with disabilities. In addition to moral responsibility and the university's commitment to access, there is a legal imperative which is embodied in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

To comply with these mandates, Mississippi College ensures that comparable educational programs and services offered to other qualified students are available to qualified students with disabilities. A "qualified student with disabilities" is one who, with reasonable accommodation, can meet all of an educational program's requirements notwithstanding the disability.

To accomplish this goal, both physical and programmatic access is provided. This means that reasonable accommodations are made in the instructional process to ensure appropriate educational opportunity. This principle applies to teaching strategies and modes, as well as to institutional and departmental policies. It does not mean, however, that essential elements of a course or program will be deleted or substantially altered because of the disability. The objective is to assist the student in meeting established academic standards, not to provide a program different in substance from that provided to other qualified students.