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Department of Counseling

The Department of Counseling teaches students to become effective scientist-practitioners who can model and apply psychological principles from a Christian perspective.

Graduate Level Counseling Programs

The Department of Counseling offers graduate programs that enable students to effectively apply modern psychological principles from a Christian perspective. We offer muiltiple graduate program options, allowing students to prepare for a variety of careers. 

The Mission of MC’s Counseling Programs

The mission of the Marriage & Family Counseling/Clinical Mental Health Counseling/School Counseling Programs is to assist students in acquiring the core knowledge and competencies necessary to become licensed/certified and perform effectively as a professional counselor.

  • Train entry-level counselors to be capable of functioning competently and ethically in professional environments wherein they work from an overall developmental/wellness model utilizing a neurobiopsychosocial framework that employs systematic and culturally sensitive intervention strategies.
  • Train students to engage in self-reflection practices to inform their commitment to multicultural competencies, advocacy, and social justice practices in counseling.
  • Train students to focus on the core elements of the counseling relationship that is grounded in theories of wellness, holism, developmental frameworks, and evidence-based practices.