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Computer Science

Computing & Information Systems (B.A., B.S.)

This degree track combines computer science with foundational knowledge from the School of Business, preparing graduates to utilize technology in a business environment.

Earn A Bachelor of Science Or Bachelor of Arts in Computing & Information Systems from Mississippi College

Develop the foundational tools and disciplines needed for a successful career in a variety of industries that make up our modern economy.

Students majoring in Computing & Information Systems use computer theory and mathematics as tools to solve problems and overcome the challenges facing todays modern business.

The Computing & Information Systems program equips students with fundamental knowledge about the discipline of computer science and how it intersects with business. It combines both the theoretical and the practical, with the emphasis upon problem solving in todays modern business world.

The Computer Science program encourages a hands-on learning experience that provides students opportunities to put their skills to work and demonstrate what they have learned. A state-of-the-art computing lab ensures that all the necessary tools are always available. Students can also tailor their learning to focus on areas of interest, with opportunities for individual study and research.

The Computer Science program offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) undergraduate degrees. The Bachelor of Arts requires 12 hours of foreign language as part of the University Core, while the Bachelor of Science requires additional elective hours.