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The Bible Concentration prepares students (1) called to vocational ministry and (2) planning to attend a seminary or divinity school.  The curriculum is comprehensive, balancing the needs to be extensive and intensive.  BIB courses address the basics of biblical studies: Ancient Near Eastern geography and culture, archaeology, text, canon, hermeneutics, history, and theology.  BIB courses also examine the specifics of biblical literature: context, text, and content.  As a result, students become equipped to interpret the canonical Christian scriptures.

Bible Concentration (15 hrs.)

Students select any 5 courses below:

  • BIB 315 A History of Israel
  • BIB 316 Exegesis in Poetic and Wisdom Literature
  • BIB 317 Exegesis in Eighth Century Prophets
  • BIB 324 The New Testament: Text and Canon
  • BIB 327 Acts of the Apostles
  • BIB 328 Paul: The Man and His Writings
  • BIB 329 Hebrews and the General Epistles (James-Jude)
  • BIB 413 Exegesis in the Pentateuch
  • BIB 417 Exegesis in Jeremiah-Ezekiel
  • BIB 422 The Teachings of Jesus
  • BIB 424 Exegesis of the Fourth Gospel
  • BIB 425 Exegesis in the Letters of Paul
  • BIB 427 Exegesis of Romans
  • BIB 429 Revelation
  • BIB 432 The New Testament World
  • BIB 440 Geography and Culture of the Biblical Lands
  • BIB 490 Special Topics

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