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The Department of Christian Studies seeks to stimulate the development of foundational knowledge, skills, and values of Judeo-Christian heritage. It further seeks to encourage examination of philosophical perspectives significant for personal living and Christian leadership. Therefore, the department offers educational opportunities that pursue exploration of significant aspects of scriptural understanding, philosophical and theological reflection, spiritual formation, and practical ministry.

The department emphasizes learning and development of critical thinking and communication skills that foster a sense of well-being and personal competence that nurtures faith. This, in turn, directs students toward the establishment of meaningful careers in the context of a Christian community in a global environment. In keeping with the stated mission of the University, the department seeks to serve all students at the University through its core and major offerings within the context of a liberal arts education.

In accomplishing its goals, the department proposes to:

  • Provide sound and appropriate instruction in biblical content and interpretation.
  • Provide insights and opportunities for practical exploration of Christian ministry and service.
  • Facilitate philosophical, theological, and ethical reflection and application of Christian principles.
  • Encourage the development of analytical thinking and communication skills useful for the pursuit of graduate study and/or roles of Christian leadership.