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Alumni of the Year

The Department of Christian Studies faculty is proud of the accomplishments, careers, and ministries of our alums (those receiving either a major or a minor in our department) over the years.

Year Honoree
2021 Walt Grayson
2020 Dr. Dan Holcomb
2019 Dr. Fisher Humphreys
2018 Dr. Ronnie Falvey
2017 Dr. David Eldridge


Joe Cooper
2015 Billy E. Simmons
2014 Grady and Joe Cothen
2013 Walter (Buddy) & Robert (Bob) Shurden
2012 Bradley Pope
2011 Dr. Charles "Puddin" Davis
2010 Dr. Ken Weathersby
2009 Augustus Q. "Guss" Merritt
2008 Dr. Bill Causey
2007 Rev. William P. "Bill" Smith, III
2006 Dr. Augustus "Gus" Merritt