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Christian Studies

Christian Studies (B.A.)

Explore the philosophical foundations of Christian living and leadership while building a deep understanding of Scripture and practical ministry skills.

A Christian Studies department with a long, faithful history

Pursue theological reflection in an environment that encourages critical thinking and communication skills.

The Department of Christian Studies can trace a long history at Mississippi College, which offered courses in Biblical and classical studies as far back as 1852. Today, the department continues to fulfill a valuable role, serving as a place where students and faculty can come together to consider and explore the most important questions of human existence.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program offers students opportunities to explore significant aspects of scriptural understanding, philosophical and theological reflection, spiritual formation, and practical ministry.

To accomplish its goal of preparing students for meaningful careers in the global Christian community, the program:

  • Provides sound and appropriate instruction in biblical content and interpretation.
  • Provides insights and opportunities for practical exploration of Christian ministry and service.
  • Facilitates philosophical, theological, and ethical reflection and application of Christian principles.
  • Encourages development of analytical thinking and communication skills useful for the pursuit of graduate study and/or roles of Christian leadership.

Hands on Experience in Christian Service

Anyone interested in pursuing a life of service, or a career that makes a positive impact on their community will find a challenging and engaging curriculum. Through hands-on training programs, MC students actively make a difference. They serve churches as paid staff, travel on mission trips, volunteer for charities, spend summers working at Christian camps and retreats, and intern at local churches.

Professors invest in their students and strive to impart wisdom and knowledge to prepare them for ministry. Through the rigorous curriculum, students will be challenged to look beyond themselves and live with Christ at the center of their lives.

Areas of Focus

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies must choose from one of the following four concentrations. Additionally, students who major within the Department of Christian Studies have the opportunity to also minor in a different field of study within the department. 

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Christian Studies must complete the 49 University Core hours, 21 hours in Christian Studies Core courses and 15 hours from one of the concentrations below.

Requirement Class Name Hours
University Core   49
Christian Studies Core   21

BIB 210

Discovering the World of the Bible (Fall)


BIB 220

Interpreting the Bible (Spring)


BIB 322

Distinctive Theological Ideas in the Bible (Fall)


BIB 422 

The Teachings of Jesus (Spring)


MIN 201

Foundations for Christian Ministry (Fall)


MIN 224

Ministry of the Church (Spring)


MIN 404

The Development of Christian Worship (Fall)