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  1. Twelve hours of graduate credit in professional education core courses. EDU 6504 - Research: Methods & Procedures and EDU 6535 - Curriculum Development are required as part of the 12 hours.
  2. Eighteen hours of graduate work in biological science. Biochemistry may count for biological science credit.
  3. Comprehensive Oral Examination. In their last semester of enrollment, candidates for the M.Ed. degree must take an oral comprehensive examination based upon course work used to satisfy degree requirements. If judged unsatisfactory, all or part of the oral examination may be retaken once in the following semester or summer term.

Note: The Mississippi Department of Education will not issue the Class AA Standard Educator License unless the applicant holds a Class A Standard Educator License.

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

Mississippi College is one of the thirty senior colleges and universities affiliated with the University of Southern Mississippi, Institute of Marine Sciences, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) located in Ocean Springs. Mississippi College students participating in the Master of Education in Sciences program may elect to take a maximum of 12 hours of biological sciences selected from the courses listed below or other approved courses. Each of these is offered only during the summer program at the laboratory. Many courses at the GCRL are offered only in the summer. For more information, contact Dr. Dunigan.

Class Class Name Hours
BIO 5472 Coastal Vegetation 5
BIO 5473 Salt Marsh Plant Ecology 4
BIO 5474 Aquarium Management 3-6
BIO 5475 Comparative Histology of Marine Fishes 6
BIO 5476 Marine Ichthyology 6
BIO 5477 Marine Mammals 5
BIO 5478 Marine Phycology 4
BIO 5481 Marine Invertebrate Zoology 5
BIO 5482 Fauna & Faunistic Ecology of Tidal Marshes, Seagrasses, & Sandy Beaches 5
BIO 5485 Marine Vertebrate Zoology 5
BIO 5486 Early Life History of Marine Fishes 4
BIO 5487 Marine Ecology 5
BIO 5489 Parasites of Marine Animals 6
BIO 5495 Marine Microbiology 5
BIO 5496 Special Problems in Marine Sciences 1-6
BIO 6524 Coastal Ecology in Marine Sciences 5
BIO 6525 Marine Sciences for Teachers 3
BIO 6528 Marine Science for Elementary Teachers 3

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