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Biological Sciences

Biological Science Minor

A Biological Science Minor is available to students from other departments who want to gain experience and knowledge in the field of biological sciences.

A Biological Science Minor requires eighteen semester hours in biology.

Requirements Class Name Hours
Biology Core   14-15
BIO 110 Biology I Laboratory 1
BIO 111 Biology I 3
BIO 112 Biology II 3
BIO 113 Biology II Laboratory 1
BIO 306 Genetics 3
  Choose one from the courses below  
BIO 305 Cell Biology* 3
BIO 332 Cell and Molecular Biology* 3
BIO 402 Ecology 4
Biology Electives  minimum of 3-4 additional hours in biology
(as required to equal 18 credit hours)
Total  Hours    18 

* Students may not take both BIO 305 and BIO 332