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  • Prepare for the MCAT, DAT and other admissions test, if you have not already taken the test.
  • Sylvan Learning Center in Jackson (601-366-6400) and Flowood (601-919-2455) offers these tests.  Mississippi College does not offer study courses for the tests.


  • Search school websites for information needed to apply correctly.
  • Prepare for the MCAT, DAT and other admissions test, if you have not already taken the test.
  • Think about who you will ask to write letters for you (some faculty will ask for a resume).


  • Complete the Letter of Recommendation Application/Waiver Form for Reference Letters online.
  • NOTE:  We write individual letters at MC, not a letter packet.  We do not have a Pre-Medical Advisory Committee.
  • AMCAS applicants:  Please give access to your AMCAS information so that we may keep track of your reference letters.  We will not send AMCAS letters until we are able to view this screen.  Access is given under Section Two: Schools Attended of the application.  When you enter Mississippi College it will ask you if you want to give permission for the school to review your information. Click "Yes."  We will process your letters only when we see your information appear on our advisor screen.
  • Choose your recommenders carefully – This could be your advisor, research director, professor who knows you well in class, and physicians you have shadowed.  Ask if the person is comfortable giving you a strong recommendation.
  • Review the AACOMAS, AADSAS, AMCAS, CASPA and Interfolio website/guidelines.
  • Gather copies of all applications and instructions for recommendation letters.
  • Normally, three letters are all that is required.   
  • Keep copies of all applications, correspondence in a personal file.


  • Early decision applicants should complete paperwork as soon as possible.
  • All files are handled in the order they are received. 
  • Review school websites and make note of their application deadlines.
  • Check AACOMAS, AADSAS, AMCAS, CASPA and Interfolio to see when applications are open.  Most applications open around June 1st, some early May.  Try to apply at the opening of the application cycle 
  • AACOMAS:  Provide your AACOMAS ID to Mrs. Graves with your waiver form. 
  • OSTEOPATHIC:  Some of the osteopathic medical schools have a specific waiver/cover sheet. Check your schools and provide a copy of these cover sheets to Mrs. Graves.
  • AMCAS:  You must complete an entry for each faculty that will write you a letter.  AMCAS will assign you an AAMC ID and a letter ID for each faculty.  Interfolio assigns a letter ID for each faculty.  We cannot upload a letter without these.  
  • Give plenty of notice.  Recommenders need at least two weeks’ notice.  We cannot turn letters around in one day.  
  • Please note which schools ask for letters on letterhead, otherwise we us our own form.
  • You may email Mrs. Graves with questions at .


  • Faculty will write letters after the spring semester ends.  Letters requested before June 1st may not be ready to upload on June 1, but as soon as possible after that date.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow-up on letters and make sure they are mailed or uploaded in a timely manner.  We cannot do a one day turn-around on letters.  Please give no less than two weeks notice.
  • Many faculty do not teach in the summer term and will write letters when possible.
  • Prepare for secondary applications and interviews.


  • Continue to prepare for interviews.
  • Biology faculty will answer questions concerning interviews.
  • Schedule a “mock” interview.