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Biological Sciences

Health Science Certificate

The Health Sciences Certificate program prepares students for health sciences graduate programs, including medical school, dental school, physician assistant school, and physical therapy school.

Earn A Graduate Certificate in Health Science

Prepare for professional schools and graduate programs by building a strong foundation in health sciences.

The health sciences certificate program is for students who wish to change careers and work on meeting the science prerequisites for professional schools such as medical, dental, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy. It can also be used for students who have challenging science GPA's in the undergraduate sciences. Admission into this program requires an undergraduate degree. Since this is a certificate program, Federal Financial Aid is available. This program can also be used to gain entrance into the Masters of Medical Science program.

The health sciences certificate program requires 24 semester hours from the following courses:

  • BIO 111 and 112

  • BIO 203 and 204

  • BIO 305, 306, 307

  • BIO 414

  • CHE 141 and 142

  • CHE 303, 313, 304, 314

  • PHY 151 and 152

  • MAT 102 or MAT 113 or 121 or 207 or MAT 208-Biostatistics

  • MAT 111 – College Algebra