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Biological Sciences


Explore the intersection of the brain and the mind and its role in driving behavior and cognitive abilities with a bachelor’s in neuroscience.

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.

Delve into the depths of how neural systems regulate and express behavior, offering insights into the brain's complex functions.

Neuroscience explores the intersection of the brain and the mind and its role in driving behavior and cognitive abilities. This field integrates various disciplines to understand how different neural networks interact, leading to the wide range of behaviors and cognitive processes seen in humans and other species.

Our program allows students to explore in both the classroom and the laboratory using cutting-edge research such as electroencephalography and functional near-infrared spectroscopy in humans as well as genetic and pharmaceutical manipulation in animals. Graduates from our program use their broad training in neuroscience and hands-on research experience to pursue their PhD, attend medical school/dental school, or join a research team focused on unraveling the mysteries of behavior, mental illness, and neurodegenerative disease. 

Requirements Class Name Hours
University Core   32
Biology Core   32
BIO 110/111 Biology I 4
BIO 112/113 Biology II 4
BIO 332 Cell & Molecular Biology 3
BIO 333 Cell & Molecular Lab 2
BIO 305 Cell Biology 3
BIO 306 Genetics 3
BIO 431 Biology Seminar 1
BIO 433 Biology Capstone 1
CHE 141 General Chemistry I
CHE 142  General Chemistry II 
MAT 208 Bio Statistics
Choose one of the following courses     
MAT 121  Calculus I 
MAT 122  Calculus II 
MAT 206  Applied Calculus 
Neuroscience Requirements    37 
CHE 303/313  Organic Chemistry I  
CHE 304/314  Organic Chemistry II
BIO 352 Introduction to Neuroscience 3
BIO 456  Neuroscience Laboratory Course 2
BIO 425 Human Neuroanatomy 5
BIO 457 Neurophysiology 3
BIO 458 Cognitive Neuroscience 3
BIO 459 Neuropharmacology 3
Choose one of the following courses     
PHY 151/152  General Physics  8
PHY 251/252  Fundamentals of Physics  8
Total  Hours    130