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The department offers a certificate program (ELL certificate) in TESOL at the graduate and undergraduate level.  The purpose of the certificate program is to develop qualified students who have an interest in teaching English to non native English Speakers.  This is an interdisciplinary program with courses in linguistics, teacher training and pedagogy, research, and multicultural understanding, incorporating the departments of Modern Languages, Education, English, and Communication.

At the undergraduate level, students may also choose to minor in TESOL.  The minor consists of 18 hours, including the four courses for the ELL certificate and 6 additional hours.

ELL Certification

This is a four course program that meets the required guidelines for an add-on endorsement by the Mississippi Department of Education for English as a Second Language.  This is available for currently certified Mississippi teachers, and as a bonus, Mississippi College offers a 30% tuition reduction for all teachers K-12.

The courses for this certificate program include:

Requirement Class Name Hours
MLG 450/5450 The Multicultural Classroom 3
MLG 451/5451 Second Language Acquisition 3
MLG 452/5452 Applied Linguistics 3
MLG 453/5453 Methods & Curriculum Design 3

TESOL minor (undergraduate students only)

To minor in TESOL, students must complete the four courses listed above and 6 additional hours.  The additional hours must come from the following courses:

Requirement Class Name Hours
MLG 205 Cross-Cultural Understanding 3
COM 449 Intercultural Communication 3
ENG 457 History of the English Language 3
COM 402 Listening 3
SPA 315 Spanish Civilization* 3
FRE 315 French Civilization* 3
SPA 316 Latin American Civilization* 3
GER 315 German Civilization* 3

* Course is taught in its respective language

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