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The following is intended as a brief overview of the French major curriculum. For full details regarding required classes, please see current Academic Catalogs.

Course Number Course Name Hours
University Core University Core Requirements 46
French   37
FRE 101* Elementary French I 3
FRE 102* Elementary French II 3
FRE 201* Intermediate French I 3
FRE 202* Intermediate French II 3
FRE 209* Intermediate French Conversation 3
French Electives French courses higher than 202 24
Senior Seminar   1
MLG 470 Senior Seminar 1
General Electives Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program. Electives should be chosen in consultation with advisor.  
Total Hours   130

*Ordinarily, 36 semester hours are required for a major in the Department of Modern Languages. However, students whose background in a language enables them to begin their course of study beyond the intermediate level will be considered to have satisfied the requirements for a major when they have completed 24 semester hours.

Students who elect to major in the Department of Modern Languages must complete a minor as specified in a related department with the approval of their advisor. Education courses required for an educator license will not satisfy the requirements for a minor in the Department of Modern Languages. A minor in English or TESOL is recommended for students planning to teach.

All students majoring in the Department of Modern Languages are strongly encouraged to spend at least one term studying overseas through an approved study-abroad program.