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Anita Gowin Foreign Language Learning Center

The Anita Gowin Foreign Language Learning Center (also known as the Language Lab) is located on the first floor of historic Jennings Hall (Jennings 103). The Language Lab is a space dedicated to the acquisition of languages and is available to current language students for tutoring, classroom use, conversational practice, study hall and various language student group events.

For students taking language courses, drop-in tutoring is available during the times listed below for the following languages: French, German, and Spanish (Japanese tutoring is available by appointment). If a language student would like to set up individual tutoring sessions outside of the times available, they may contact individual tutors to do so. For a list of tutors and their contact information, students should see their respective language professor or may contact the Modern Languages department. To access the Language Lab during Lab hours, students will need to bring their Student ID card.

Tutoring Schedule | Spring 2022

Language Lab (Jennings 103)

Weekday Schedule Language



Spanish Tutoring

Study Hall | French Tutoring

Tuesday 6:30-10pm Study Hall | French Tutoring




French Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring




Spanish Tutoring

French Tutoring

Friday 12-2pm French Tutoring

For students interested in German Tutoring, please drop by and see Julia Connelly for tutoring in the Modern Languages offices Monday through Friday from 8am-noon and 1-3pm, or contact her at or at (601) 925-3400 to set up an appointment.

For students interested in receiving Japanese Tutoring, please contact your language instructor or the Modern Language office (, (601) 925-3400) to set up an individual session with the Japanese tutor.

The Study Hall hours on Mondays and Tuesdays are open for any students currently in language or TESOL classes.