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The Modern Language Department offers a
Bachelor of Arts degree in the following six majors:

Modern Languages

A combination of two languages with a required minor. Students must complete 21 hours of one language and 15 hours of a second language.


36 hours of Spanish with a required minor.


36 hours of French with a required minor.

Foreign Language & International Trade (FLIT)

A comprehensive major which includes 36 hours in a language with a secondary business component emphasizing core business classes.

International Studies

A comprehensive major including 18 hours in one language, a required study abroad experience, and 18 hours of international studies electives which include history, cultural, and Christian Studies classes. Students have flexibility in emphasizing a particular career field while selecting electives.

Language, Writing, and Linguistics

Students electing a major in Language, Writing, and Linguistics must complete Mississippi College’s core curriculum requirements (46 hours); 54 hours of courses representing modern languages, English writing, and linguistics; and general electives to meet the number of credit hours required for graduation. Because Language, Writing, and Linguistics is a comprehensive major, no minor is required.

Language Minors

Minors are available in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Eighteen hours of university credit in a specific language must be completed with six of the eighteen hours consisting of 300 level or higher courses. At least six of the hours must be taken abroad.