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Mississippi College Office of Global Education Seat Deposit Information

$250 (US$) Seat Deposit Instituted for ALL In-Coming New International Students
(Please Read Carefully and Submit Form Below)

To insure a seat in the educational programs at Mississippi College, ALL international applicants currently outside the United states must send an earnest money non-refundable deposit of $250 (US$) via online payment through Peer Transfer only.* Do not send cash or money order please. This amount will be credited to your tuition bill and may only be refunded if your visa is declined TWICE at your local United States Embassy and Mississippi College receives evidence of the decline. You can not request a refund after the first three weeks of school. The fee can only be refunded one time. The Seat Deposit is waived ONLY for students whose tuition payment is government-sponsored.

Once your Seat Deposit has been submitted, if you then change your mind (and decide not to attend Mississippi College), your Seat Deposit will be forfeited. After you submit your Seat Deposit in the form below, the Designated School Official can issue your form I-20. We will not guarantee your seat without a Seat Deposit. We encourage you to send in your deposit as soon as possible to expedite your visa process and insure your seat in this program.

All in-coming students for January 2015 and onward are required to submit this payment, no exceptions for previously admitted students. The payment is an advanced tuition payment directly to the student's account received by the Mississippi College business office. Our office doesn't receive any of this money. 

You will need your Mississippi College Student ID Number (700######) to pay your Seat Deposit. This is a unique number, commonly called a 700 number, appointed to each student. If you have not received this number, please contact Wen Weng, DSO, at the Office of Global Education (601) 925-7703 or wweng@mc.edu.

Please complete the form below and click Submit at the bottom to complete the Seat Deposit process. To complete the form, first pay the Seat deposit via Peer Transfer, click the button below, and follow the site instructions. Peer Transfer is a payment method for students or agents who are making payments with foreign currency via a non-U.S./foreign bank only.* The Peer Transfer Payment ID will be provided with your payment receipt. Please retain a copy of the receipt for your records.

*If you are a student or an agent making a Seat Deposit payment using a United States bank, please contact the Office of Global Education at 601-925-7703 or wweng@mc.edu for alternate payment instructions. 

Important Notice
The student will be charged for international shipping costs and a hold will be placed onto his or her student account that must be paid at the Business Office upon arrival at Mississippi College before the student is allowed to register for classes. International rates vary depending on student's location.
Do you agree to pay any international shipping costs (Please check the box below, if you agree) *

Agent Information Only

Mississippi College Office of Global Education Seat Deposit Agreement Terms

For the purpose of securing my admittance seat to Mississippi College, I am submitting an earnest money non-refundable Seat Deposit of $250.00 (US$).

I understand that my seat deposit will be returned only if my visa is declined TWICE at the United States Embassy.

I understand that, once my deposit has been submitted, if I then change my mind (and decide not to attend Mississippi College), my Seat Deposit will be forfeited.

Do you agree to the above stated conditions? (Please check the box below, if you agree) *

Please contact the Office of Global Education at 601-925-7700 or ebsanford@mc.edu, if you are having difficulties completing your submission.

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