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In an effort to help our international students with the cost of studying and living abroad, Mississippi College and the Office of Global Education are happy to provide financial assistance to many full-time international students! This is for international students who are not already receiving full or substantial scholarships from other sources. 

This financial assistance is available in Fall and Spring Semesters only. Financial assistance is not available during Summer Semester. 

Undergraduate Students

All qualifying international undergraduate students are provided $1,000 in financial aid each semester for their first two semesters of academic study as long as the students maintain a 2.5 GPA or above.  To reward academic excellence, the Office of Global Education will double the financial aid of students who obtain a 4.0 GPA (or straight A’s) in their first semester. Please note, however, that financial aid for undergraduate students is only provided for the first two academic semesters.  Once students have completed their first two semesters of academic study, they must apply for the merit-based scholarship offered through the Office of Global Education.  Please see more information about the merit-based scholarship.

Graduate Students

All qualifying international graduate students are provided $750 in financial aid each semester as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA or above.  As with undergraduate students, graduate students who obtain a 4.0 GPA (or straight A’s) in one semester will have their financial aid doubled for the following semester.  This consideration is made each semester and only applies to semesters following a semester where the graduate student made all A’s. 

Additional Scholarships

You may qualify for scholarships from other sources that would allow you to fund your education at MS College. Please review the following scholarship opportunities to see of you qualify:

The Institute of International Education offers many Fulbright Scholarships to students looking to study internationally. Their mission is to advance international education and make education available worldwide. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program allows students from other countries to attain their Master’s degree or Ph.D. here in America.

The Rotary Foundation is dedicated to changing the world by serving in their communities and all over the world. With over 34,000 clubs worldwide, their members volunteer at home and abroad to support education at all levels, improved job training, and they work to provide clean water and combat hunger. They demonstrate their commitment to education by offering district and global grants. These can be used for a number of projects, and can also be used to fund undergraduate and graduate-level studies.

If you are a woman in graduate school

The American Association of University Women has been dedicated to empowering women for over 100 years and counting. One unique program opportunity AAUW provides is their international fellowship. This allows women from foreign nations to come to the U.S. and conduct graduate or postgraduate study.