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Immigration Regulations 

Maintaining your F1 Status

  1. Passport – Must always maintain 6 months of validity
  2. I-20 – If any information changes, notify OGE
  3. Visa - Student can stay in the U.S. with an expired Visa as long as the I-20 is valid
  4. Enrollment – See Enrollment below
  5. On-campus work – See Work below
  6. Updating information – Notify OGE of any changes
  7. Payment – See Payment below
  8. Online classes – Only one online class counts towards your full-time status

 30 day waiting period before all SEVIS registration is updated.

Maintaining your F1 Status: Enrollment

  •  You must be a full time student!
    • Graduates - 9 hours/semester
    • Undergraduates - 12 hours/semester
  • You must complete your course of study by the date listed on your I-20.

Maintaining Your F1 Status: Work

  • Students can work on campus. Students can NOT work off campus unless authorized to do so (for example, CPT).
  • Students can work 20 hours or less each week on campus.
  • You must meet with our office before accepting any kind of employment.

Maintaining Your F1 Status: Payment

  • Pay student bills at the business office in Nelson Hall.
  • You need to pay within two weeks after classes begin.

Immigration Documents