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Undergraduate admission requirements for international students:

  1. A fully completed admission undergraduate application by the application deadline.
  2. Language Requirements
  3. A current bank statement from parents or sponsor
    The statement must indicate ability to finance study during one year at Mississippi College. Please contact the Office of Global Education to determine the current amount required.
  4. Transcripts
    Transcripts of all high school and college grades with literal translations into English are required. At the discretion of Mississippi College, a student may be required, at his or her expense, to provide a course-by-course evaluation from a trusted evaluation service selected by Mississippi College.
  5. High school diploma
  6. Medical History
    Questions about your medical history should be answered in your application. We also advise early proof of TB and MMR immunization before your departure to the USA.  Proof of MMR and a TB screening must be completed before you can attend in-person classes.
  7. Aptitude Test scores (ACT, SAT or CLT)
    These are optional during Covid pandemic. However, the university bases some freshman scholarships on a matrix between high school grade point average and ACT, SAT or CLT scores. Hence, if you score above a threshold you can gain extra "opportunity grants" or better. Your scores must be registered in your application before your acceptance letter to be considered for this kind of a scholarship.