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Adopt-a-Student is a program where American families and singles befriend international students. These American families agree to do something once a month with their matched international student and attend at least one cultural event each semester on campus with their student. They also invite their international student to one American holiday with them.

One international student said: "My host family are the most amazingly people. They treat me as their own son. They invited me for lunch. I felt warmth in their hearts for me, and the satisfaction that I got after being at their place was amazing. They understood my feelings of being in a new place, and they respected my views and gave me important suggestions about how to live in America."

Interested in being a part of this program? Email for more information. 

Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners is a program where international students are matched with other Mississippi College students whose first language is English. They agree to meet with each other once or twice a week for an hour to practice speaking and listening. It is meant to be an informal time for them to get to know each other while conversing in English.

One student said, "He is a really cool person, and we’ve really connected well. We’ve had some good conversations. I really cannot ask for a better conversation partner." Another conversation partner commented, "We talked about our majors and jobs that we both want after we finished college. We’re both interested in teaching."

Would you like to be a conversation partner? Email for more information.