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Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded based on SAT/ACT for freshman and GPA for transfers

Freshmen are awarded based on their ACT/SAT score, while transfers are awarded based on their GPA.  

There is no deadline for academic scholarships, meaning this award can increase, according to our matrix, up until the time you enroll.  We encourage students to take the ACT or SAT multiple times to increase their score.

Amounts below are awarded to students per year as long as the student maintains a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.  

Freshmen Academic Scholarships

  Required Test Score Scholarship Amount
  ACT SAT On-Campus Off-Campus
Opportunity Grant 18-19 960-1020 $8,000 $6,250
Heritage Scholarship 20-21 1030-1090 $9,000 $6,500
Provine Scholarship 22-23 1100-1150 $10,000 $6,750
Hampstead Scholarship 24-26 1160-1250 $10,500 $7,000
Dean's Scholarship 27-28 1260-1320 $11,000 $7,250
Presidential Scholarship 29-36 1330-1600 $12,000* $7,500

Transfer Academic Scholarships

Students are eligible for transfer scholarships if they can transfer in with 12 or more hours from an accredited institution and have spent more than one full-time semester at a college or university in between high school graduation and their college entry term.  

  GPA On-Campus Scholarship Amount Off-Campus Scholarship Amount
Opportunity Grant 2.0-2.49 $4,500 $3,500
Heritage Scholarship 2.5-2.99 $6,000 $4,500
Hampstead Scholarship 3.0-3.49 $6,500† $5,000†
Dean's Scholarship 3.5-3.74 $7,000† $5,500†
Presidential Scholarship 3.75-4.0 $8,000† $6,500†
Phi Theta Kappa   $11,500** $8,500**

* Eligible to compete in Presidential Scholarship Competition.
† Eligible to compete in Transfer Scholarship Competition.
** The Phi Theta Kappa award is an academic scholarship and cannot be combined with any other academic award on the matrix.

***Please note that Mississippi College is a Residential School and students are required to live on campus unless they meet the requirements of Residence Life to be a commuter. The Residence Life policy is located here: