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Alternative/Private Loans

Sometimes federal student and parent loans are not enough to cover all educational expenses. For this reason, you may consider applying for a private, credit-based loan that may be used as a supplemental resource for paying college costs. Unlike Direct or PLUS loans, Alternative Loans require a separate application, credit check, multiple disclosures and a Self-Certification Form. A co-signer may be required if you have less than two years of good credit history. By applying online you will know instantly if you are eligible or if you need a co-signer. A historical list of available lenders is provided here, but you may apply directly with any lender that you choose. Terms and conditions of loans made directly under the Title IV may be more favorable than the terms of private loans. Students are encouraged to explore all aid programs to obtaining a private loan.

Mississippi College requires that the current year’s FAFSA has been processed and received in the Financial Aid Office before processing any alternative or private loans. 

Once the student has been approved for an alternative loan, the lender will notify the Financial  Aid Office of the approval via the ELM website.  The Financial Aid Office will check to make sure the student is eligible for the alternative loan amount requested by the student and will certify the loan at that time. If the student is not eligible for the entire amount that the student has requested, the loan will be adjusted in accordance with their financial aid award.

Mississippi College’s policy is that no alternative loan will be certified for a student for a prior balance after the student has ceased enrollment at Mississippi College.