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Financial Aid

Speed Scholarship

The Speed Scholarship provides full-tuition scholarships to any admitted high school or transfer student who is a resident of Mississippi.

Join The Waitlist

Looks like all the excitement over the Speed Scholarship has caused our open seats to be snapped up for the Fall 2023 recruitment cycle. But don’t worry, good things come to those who wait! Follow the instructions below to be added to the waitlist for the Speed Scholarship. And the best part? You’ll find out if you’re officially a recipient by mid Summer -  in plenty of time to plan your university adventure!

Option 1

If you have already applied to MC and want to join the waitlist for the Speed Scholarship, you're halfway there. Just click the link below to join the waitlist.

Option 2

If you have not applied to MC and want to be added to the Speed Scholarship waitlist, follow the steps below.

First, apply to MC:

Apply To MC

Then, come back here and add yourself to the waitlist:

Join the Waitlist

An Exceptional Education Made Affordable

Thanks to Leland Speed and his family, high school seniors and transfers who are residents of Mississippi can receive full undergraduate tuition at MC. The Speed Scholarship exists to make exceptional education attainable at an institution dedicated to helping students grow their whole self: academically, spiritually, and emotionally. We are excited to use this generous gift to expand the higher education opportunities available to undergraduate Mississippi students. 

Applying the Speed Scholarship with Four Year Cost

Traditional MC academic scholarships cannot be stacked on top of the Speed Full Tuition Scholarship. Grants, third party scholarships, and some additional MC scholarships may be stacked and applied toward room and board.

Infographic showing how the Speed Scholarship is applied

To Receive The Speed Scholarship:

  1. Be a resident of Mississippi.
  2. Be admitted to MC.
  3. Pay the housing application fee of $200.
  4. Live on campus in an MC residence hall.
  5. Fill out the federal and state aid applications.

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