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Sincerely, MC

Waking up Early as a College Student: Brennan’s Guide to Getting out of Bed.


I’m Brennan Joy, and I hate mornings... or at least I did until I forced myself to enjoy them. My personal goal has been to get up and out of bed before nine. One can argue that this isn’t early, but you have to start somewhere! Below I have some tips on how I have made my mornings something to enjoy, rather than dread.

  1. Set your alarm clock across the room. This way, you'll have to physically get out of bed to turn it off, making it harder to fall back asleep. If that’s not an option, try using other alarm clock methods. Apple watches buzz on your arm making it easy to get up after some time. Or get a Hatch Alarm.
  2. Make a cup of coffee or tea. There’s nothing like burning your tongue on steaming hot coffee to get you movin’. Bonus: if you grind your own coffee, the sound wakes you and everyone else up.
  3. Plan a fun breakfast. Having something yummy to look forward to will make getting out of bed a little easier. Overnight oats are delicious and are a fun, simple way to look forward to your morning.
    1. Put some oatmeal, chia seeds, milk, espresso, and brown sugar in a mason jar, stick that puppy in the fridge, and in the morning you will have a yummy breakfast on the go! 
  4. Find a workout buddy. Having someone to hold you accountable will help you get out of bed when you would rather stay snuggled up under the covers. Another option- if your roommate doesn’t want to work out with you, give them the option to pull you out of bed to get your day going! Annoyance is key!!!! 
  5. Don’t go to sleep the night before.
  6. Reward yourself. Set small goals, such as getting up at a certain time or making it to class on time. Then, treat yourself to something nice when you achieve them. I try to leave my dorm five minutes before I need to be anywhere. That way, walking to class doubles as a workout.
  7. Remember that you are not a morning person, you are a college student.  And college students are known for being resilient and determined. It’s all about your mindset.

So rise and shine! The early bird may get the worm, but the college student gets the degree. 

Sincerely, MC