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The student electing the Bachelor of Arts degree must take a modern language for a total of 34 semester hours in psychology.

Requirement Class Name Hours
University Core   58
Psychology Core   33
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology (General Psychology) 3
PSY 301 Psychological Statistics 3
PSY 314 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 331 Student Research 1
PSY 336 Experimental Psychology 2
PSY 337 Experimental Psychology Laboratory 2
PSY 340 Career Paths in Psychology 3
PSY 423 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 437 Psychological Testing 3
PSY 438 Physiological Psychology 3
PSY 443 Psychology of Personality 3
PSY 482 Psychology of Learning 2
PSY 483 Psychology of Learning Laboratory 2
Minor Requirements A typical minor consists of 18 semester hours; however, some department minors may vary in terms of required semester hours.  The minor should be selected in consultation with the student’s advisor. 18
General Electives Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program.  Electives should be chosen in consultation with advisor. --
Total Hours   130