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Majors & Degrees


Be yourself at a visual art school or enhance your job prospects through graphic design school. Focus on the exploration and development of traditional and contemporary skills in studio art and visual design and communication.

Earn your art degree

There are a number of art schools in Mississippi, but Mississippi College is one that caters to those who are truly passionate about their field. Do you want to get a job teaching art to others, working in a graphics position, or simply want to continue your art education for the love of art? The graduate art department at Mississippi College – and its ardent, dedicated professors – is waiting to help you realize your dreams.

The MC experience

If you’re a working adult with multiple responsibilities, Mississippi College can help make education more accessible for you. We understand that children, full-time careers, school responsibilities and more can become overwhelming. That is why our art programs offer classes in the evenings to accommodate busy schedules.

Choose your focus

However you choose to pursue art at the graduate level, this art school in Mississippi can help guide you. While each of these degrees (particularly the Master of Education, which is earned in conjunction with the Department of Education) has different requirements, the department’s caring advisors will be happy to walk you through the intents and outcomes of each program to help you choose the one for you.  

  • Master of Science degree (M.S.)
  • Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) 
  • Master of Fine Arts degree (M.F.A.)

With concentrations in visual arts, graphic design, interior design, art, and art education, Mississippi College is the perfect place to turn your artistic goals into a reality of your own creation.

Students seeking higher education programs in Mississippi can graduate with a degree in less than 18 months by successfully completing the coursework needed for these Master’s degrees.