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Majors & Degrees

Computer Science

Focuses on imparting a strong foundation in computer sciences while instilling a lifelong love of learning in this ever-evolving field.

Students majoring in computer science experience the challenges and rewards of solving problems and overcoming challenges, using mathematics and technology as tools.

Hands-on experience comes easily, with an environment that offers students lots of opportunities to demonstrate what they know and put their skills to work. State-of-the-art technology and dedicated computer science labs ensure that the right tools for learning are always available. Students can also tailor their learning to their goals, with opportunities for individual learning and research.

The coursework supports learning both theory and practice, investigating the philosophical underpinnings of the discipline, and providing hands-on experience with technological problem-solving.

B.A./B.S. in Computer Science

This degree track offers a comprehensive study of the discipline of computer science, preparing graduates for careers in highly technical fields.

B.A./B.S. Computing & Information Systems

This degree track combines practical aspects of computer science with foundational knowledge from the School of Business, preparing graduates to efficiently utilize technology in a business environment.

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As a Computer Science major, you’ll take courses in topics such as:

  • Foundations of computer science
  • Programming and problem solving
  • Data structures
  • Language programming
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Database management
  • Software engineering

Internships help computer science students build their resumes and their skills. Computer science students have interned with the Office of the Secretary of State of Mississippi, the Mississippi Attorney General, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, General Electric, General Dynamics, Stennis Space Center, Hughes Aircraft, Teledyne Brown, Ergon Caterpillar, Inc., Horne, LLP, Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services, the Waterways Experiment Station, and many more.

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Outstanding Alumni

MC’s Computer Science alumni are a successful bunch, making a significant impact in their workplaces wherever they go.

  • Ann Speyer, President and Chief Strategy Officer at A+ Government Solutions, Inc. (and formerly served as CIO of the Smithsonian Institute).
  • Craig Lowery, a Technology Strategist at Dell Inc.
  • Steve Safigan, President of Foundations for Tomorrow (and former founder and president of Universal Tax Systems).
  • Brian Long, a system administrator at Cisco Systems.
  • Trent Townsend, a well-known computer security expert.
  • Others are employed with Bank of America, IBM Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Trustmark National Bank, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.