Mississippi College | Beacon Magazine



The Beacon magazine takes its name from the university's alma mater, which includes the lines:

When in the future, our hearts may be yearning
For the bright scenes of our dear college youth
Back to thy portals our memories turning
Clear beams thy beacon of virtue and truth.

The Beacon communicates news of Mississippi College to alumni, students' parents, faculty, donors, and friends of the university, keeping MC and its "virtue and truth" top-of-mind among these diverse constituents. No matter how far from Mississippi they may travel, no matter what they choose to pursue, the ex­cellent education and Christian values of Mis­sissippi College continue to inspire our students, alumni, faculty, and friends for a lifetime. Each story recounted in the Beacon is a reflection of the virtue and truth embodied in Mississippi College, and the commitment to the virtue and truth that lives in every member of our close-knit community.